As your road winds through life, where will you go?

We’ve had a plan for a while now, just like every year. When the fall leaves are in their peak colors, we will take a day and go see them. This year is an unusual year leading up to fall. It’s been hot and wet. Really wet, with flooding in a lot of areas. The leaves are turning colors, but I don’t think they know if they should or not. All in all, it was good to get out and see some of the state. I think we’ll have to do it again.


FullSizeRender 15
The creeks are high this year. There are a lot of places that have had six or seven inches of rain so far this week.
FullSizeRender 16
I’ve had my eye on this patch of trees for a while this fall, just waiting for them to change colors.
FullSizeRender 18
Trip and Murfee agree with taking the trail less traveled. 
Beautiful farms are all around, some hidden behind colorful foliage. And if you were to stop in at one of these farms, the folks are wonderful, friendly, and the coffee is good.
FullSizeRender 19
Trip is a little too willing to demonstrate the perilous behavior one might obtain from traveling where the road is wide, and the way is easy.  
“He leadeth me beside still waters”

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